Amway ASPA 80 (5) lit

APSA 80 adjuvant spray is a performance maximizer which offers farmers an excellent opportunity to increase the crop yields.Benefits 1. Because APSA reduces surface tension and makes water wetter, it also helps water(and whatever pesticide its carrying) penetrate the soil faster and more evenly. 2. MOST IMP : Helps the pesticides spread better and hence gives better disease control. 3. Many types of soils, because of their compact nature or water repellency, tend to resist water’s penetration.By making water wetter , APSA helps water penetrate these soils more easily and get on with the job for which it is intended.Because of the faster soil penetration, there is less run of less wasted water.
₹ 5,578.00
₹ 4,183.00

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