Are Blocked Fallopian Tubes 'Hindrance' to Pregnancy?

Blocked Fallopian Tubes: Hurdle in Pregnancy.

Blocked fallopian tubes do not display any obvious signs and symptoms and many of times women only know about it when they try to conceive

For the entire process of fertilization to take place it is necessary that during the process of ovulation and egg is released from the ovaries to reach the uterus through thin tube these thing tubes are present on either side of the uterus which are known as fallopian tubes the fallopian tubes play an important role in conception as this is where most of the eggs are fertilized the basic function of this tube is to transfer the mature egg from the ovaries to the uterus where the actual fertilization takes place.


However, the inability to transfer the eggs is caused only because of blockages of these tubes, which is also known as tubal factor infertility this tubal factor infinity incapacitates the process of conceiving as fertilization does not take place in the uterus.


Blockage of tubes

The tubes can be either partially blocked or fully blocked in cases where the tubes are not fully blocked or damage the mature X travel through the tubes but face an issue with the implantation this lead to a pregnancy in which the fertilized egg is implanted outside the uterus and in the fallopian tube.

Intervention in Fertility.

Problems with fallopian tubes are proven to be a substantial cause of infertility in most of the cases the fallopian tubes are really delicate and regional and there is absolutely no way that the eggs good travel through it for the fertilization to take place while they are blocked in case when the fallopian tubes are scarred for swollen there is high percentage that they will not be able to carry out the process of fertilization.


Causes of This Problem.

There can be a number of reasons as to why the fallopian tubes can be blocked

  • The sexually transmitted disease can really hamper the fertility levels of a woman as an infection in the upper genital tract can cause damage to the fallopian tubes and uterus comma Endo material is is a condition that causes the covering of the worm to grow outside of the uterus.

  • history of uterus infection triggered due to an abortion or miscarriage.

  • history of the ruptured appendix or bursting of appendix along with the intraabdominal infection.

  • any prior surgery in the fallopian tubes,

  • any kind of swelling or presence of fluid at the end of the fallopian tube.

  • infection in the fallopian tubes such as pelvic inflammatory disease which includes scaring tissues infections and swollen tube.

Symptoms blockage in the fallopian tube

The blockage in fallopian tubes does not have any symptoms however the first symptom that might be encountered by a woman of blocked fallopian tubes is infertility a failure to conceive after persistent and continuous unprotected sex by couple clearly denotes that they might be problems in the fertility levels of the intending parents this inability to reproduce generally alarms the intending couple to meet a doctor Who assist them to undergo several test which ultimately diagnosis the problem women with blocked tubes might experience painful periods abdominal pain or excruciating pain during sexual intercourse but that does not necessarily direct towards blocked fallopian tubes they are almost no signs that indicate blockage in fallopian tubes..


Diagnosis of the problem


It is generally very difficult to recognise that  women have blockages or damaged fallopian tubes to clarify and detect the presence of this problem there are several tests that will Diagnose problems;

  • Ultrasound really helps in diagnosing this problem as the image of internal body structure are clearly visible in ultrasound the problems with the fallopian tube is noticeable and really helps in the detection of the problem. in this  test, the sound waves create a very clear picture of the fallopian tubes

  • HSG  [HYSTEROSALPINGOGRAM]  is an x-ray test where the doctor injects a dye into the womb which is expected to flow into the fallopian tubes. The stain of the dye is evident and noticeable, In the X-ray which indicates that there is no blockage However if the fluid  does not flow into the fallopian tube it is evident that there is a blockage in the tube

  • Another way to detect the problem is through laparoscopy in this process a small camera is inserted through a cut with which the actual image of the fallopian tubes are taken

Getting pregnant with blocked fallopian tubes



The method of assisted reproductive Technology for infertility treatment IVF involves putting the eggs and sperms together outside the human body. by natural selection, the egg will usually allow only one sperm to enter and this leads to fertilization by natural selection the egg is usually allowed to contact with one sperm and this leads to fertilization process in the laboratory.

The whole process takes place under expert supervision.ivf is the best way to deal with the problems like a blockage in fallopian tubes as this process completely negates the persisting blockages in the tubes.


Laparoscopic surgery

Can help in opening up blocked tubes or ti eliminate scar tissues that are causing problems however this treatment does not guarantee success as it is affected by various factors.


Alternative medicines.

For fallopian tube blockage, Alternative Medicine has been used as a form of fertility treatment the usage of an alternative method is only done by a minority of infertile couples. success in this medicine as not yet recorded as only the wealthy people opt for it.



Bleeding Remains Pivotal



It is normally said that Tend to ignore their health while juggling between the ever-increasing demands of professional life and also considering well enough to fulfil the duties of a homemaker. One of the major reason why women tend to consider their own health issues as trivial. With changing lifestyle and other environmental factors hormonal imbalances are not unheard-of in women, especially who are more prone to HORMONAL variations throughout the monthly menstrual cycle.


It is important to pay attention to The Subtle changes in the body which may under note as an underlying disease condition. This is true Especially For certain cancers like Endo material and cervical cancer were in the sign and symptoms may be vaguely similar to that of painful menstruation, irregular bleeding, painful menses are considered a common symptom by women,does one might not think of the possibility of an underline research shows that more than 90% of the women with Endo material cancer experience, irregular bleeding menstruation at some point of disease. It is very important to understand the pattern of reading.


During each menstrual cycle minor variations could be attributed to daily stress dietary habits' presence of all the lack of physical activity etcetera however routine variation must not be ignored and calls for gynaecological examination similarly all the natural cramps and pain are normal during the cycle due to contraction of severe continuous pain must be evaluated for abnormality.


Unexplained weight loss, poor appetite, fatigue may also be the symptoms of endometrial cancer that go unnoticed. Indian women especially tend to suffer from low iron level [anaemia] thereby leading to fatigue. This could be the reason why the diagnosis of certain cancers is placed at an early stage. Other sentences that mainly point towards a gynaecologist are cancer and swelling in legs bloated abdomen, persistent interjection, abdominal pain pressure, sensation on bowel/bladder and frequent need to urinate etc.


However routine variation must not be ignored and call for gynaecology examination similarly all the menstrual cramps and pain are normal during the cycle, due to contraction of the uterine muscles; severe, continuous pain must be evaluated for abnormality.


Unexplained weight loss whoever appetite take me also be symptoms of Endo material cancer that go unnoticed Indian women especially tend to suffer from the low iron levels thereby leading to fatigue. This could be the reason why the diagnosis of a certain cancer is missed at an early stage. Other sentences that main point towards a gynaecological cancer are: swelling in legs, bloated abdomen, persistent indigestion, nausea, abdominal pain, pressure sensation on bladder and frequent need to urinate etc.


Educating women regarding the signs of-of Endo material cancer is of importance. Test form of Cancer arises from the lining of the uterus all cancer commonly occurs around or after Menopause. It also so can be diagnosed in Young women, vaginal bleeding, which is not associated with menstruation, maybe warning sign studies have shown that approximately 40% cases of endometrial cancer are associated with obesity high blood pressure and diabetes.


The Crux of the matter is early diagnosis there is an 80% chance of survival when the cancer is diagnosed at an early stage hysterectomy which refers to the removal of the uterus along with the removal of Fallopian tubes and ovaries remains the mainstay of treatment of endometrial cancer. chemotherapy radiation and hormone therapy been advised in advanced stages of the condition after it has spread to other tissues organs.


Remember that not all cases of abnormal bleeding of painful menstruation signify cancer having too long symptoms as mentioned above should not be taken lightly and professional opinion must be considered at the earliest.



Breathing Problems in Younger Ones


Breathing trouble in younger ones.


Hi, here we are with our another blog in the series of health and fitness. Now in this blog, we are about to discuss the problems that young baby would face when it comes up to respiration.

according to a recent survey,

Newborn babies suffer from respiratory problems which is one of the most severe in nature, and because of this problem, the infant is often sent to get admitted in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit popularly known as [NICU]. The common reason for such a deficiency of substance is called 'surfacing lung infection' excretions of faecal matter into the lung and malformations of the lung, these are a series of illness and require expert care in a NICU.

To whom does the breathing problem occur?

it is not necessary that only young infants suffer from respiratory problems but even those who are above the age of 2 suffer from severe respiratory diseases and lung infections.

Children suffer from infection and allergies both of which lead to breathing problems. Respiratory infections are divided into upper respiratory infection [URI] and lower respiratory infection [LRI] most cold and cough are caused when the upper respiratory infection last between 7 and 15 days, and a self-limiting do not need any medication that is why they are called the common cold. Children under 2 years have about six upper respiratory infections in a year or more if they are in daycare settings simple home remedies like cleaning nostrils of baby with saline and nasal aspirator.

Helping older kids is quite a bit probable and easy to tackle with such situations just remember drinking plenty of warm liquid. this will be way more helpful as it will confer their throat thus keeping them well hydrated apart from being well rested, this is all that is needed to cure a common cold. We generally discourage the use of cold medicines as they can have serious side effects on babies for less than 6 months of age.

Cough suppressants, In particular, may cause harm in children for less than 4 years of age, older children require hardly any care and may even continue on with normal School however some common cold can turn into a painful ear infection, sinus infections and chest congestion.

Hence, it is prudent to follow up with your paediatrician if the fever does not go settle down in 3 days sputum turns yellow, green then it could last for more than 10 to 15 days or it even symbolises the situation when the child seems unusually uncomfortable or cranky.

Lower respiratory tract infections like 'pneumonia' can be life-threatening this may start off like the innocuous common cold but as it is rapidly progressive with high fever and fast breathing that is needed to be seen by a doctor who would probably diagnose them after a physical examination and chest X-ray if needed treatment can B complex with intravenous antibiotics oxygen therapy and ICU care. Worldwide ammonia is the second most common cause of death in children who are less than 5 years these can be prevented by exclusive breastfeeding till 6 months of age and use of vaccines like pneumococcal and hip vaccines good cough hygiene and hand hygiene can help prevent the spread of infections among children.

Allergies causing breathing problem.

Wheezing is a sign that the airways take into the lungs that are inflamed wet cough and in some cases, a musical sound heard to the chest called a wheeze, infections and allergies both Trigger wheezing most wheezing in small children is triggered by a viral infection. persistent for recurrent wheezing is called asthma. wheezing and asthma are treated by inhaled medication given via Nebulizer  or through metered dose inhalers the medications are divided into bronchodilators medicines which relax the muscles which fly in the air passages and preventers those which reduce the information of air passages both need to be given till inflammation in the air passage subside there are many misconceptions about the use of medicines these are actually very effective the treatment also includes prevention of the allergen exposure.

This includes avoiding smoke taking does control measures in the child immediate environment and avoiding precipitating events or stimuli. in survey cases seen and Allergy specialist may help identify and reduce or modify the energy some children have associated skin allergy nasal allergy and eye allergy some of the Civil affected children may even need a multidisciplinary team to look after various energies.



Breathing problem in the newborn is always severe and needs to be evaluated urgently preferably in a (NICU) sending in young children, the commonest breathing problem is a common cold and requires rest fluid and fever control. If the child has a high fever and is breathing fast and is not eating well it may be a lower respiratory infection thus it is suggested for you to please see a doctor right away. if the child has a wheezing problem see a doctor sort out whether it is an allergy infection or both. inhaled medications are safe and can effectively treat and prevent wheezing.

Cure For Diabetes


Hi there, now before stipulating my thoughts on another blog on health and fitness niche here's some questions that I have in my mind

  • why is diabetes spreading?
  • what are lifestyle diseases?
  • do we have a cure for them and what could be the preventions for all such lifestyle diseases like diabetes?


once again hello to you all I'm 'Pranjal Dubey' an author of a few travel and health niche sites. and here's my comprehensive research on diabetes and all the phenomenons attached to it.


The number of Diabetics[person who suffer from diabetes] is increasing at an alarming rate worldwide the following figures are not shocking but it also posses the greatest challenge. Thus, to the Healthcare industry is facing a lot of challenges not only to cure such diseases but also in, although diabetes is a troublesome disease, some medical researchers and this disease specialist tells us that how we could cure such form of the disease for anyone and how we can prevent it.

According to the international diabetes Federation, there are some around 387 million Diabetics worldwide and this number is expected to go as high as 592 million after 15 years that is 2035 auto fit India alone is expected to have 50 million cases and that is what makes us the diabetes capital of the world.

Diabetes increases the economic burden in India, diabetes results from various factors which include genetic makeup of human and his modern lifestyle that is a combination of poor diet sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise.

And what makes the situation worse is that more than 50% of the people with diabetes in India remain non diagnosed it can be due to lack of awareness and it is even due to lack of resources these individuals are also at the danger mark for developing diabetes-related complications like CAD cerebrovascular and PVD diseases like retinopathy nephropathy and nephropathy etc.

If you notice this situation from past two decades we have witnessed an increase in the number of patients suffering from diabetes although they are numerous numbers of advancement in the field of Biology that aid to improve medication and new treatment it is because of this better understanding of the disease that the newer drugs available are in form of injectable and oral antidiabetic drugs which are safer and have better control over the diseases the new class of medication is intended to boost insulin production. Glucose by the liver or slowing down the absorption carbohydrate by the intestine, in addition, most of these drugs are effective enough to restore normal blood levels, and they do not have any effect on the progression of the disease.

But again they affect may vary from patient to patient depending on the type of severity of diabetes.

You would be amazed to know that the latest advancement in terms of the anti-diabetes drug is increasing with better treatment options improve monitoring devices along with an understanding of how diet and exercise can impact diabetes has greatly helped to the individual to cope up with the problems of diabetes. As it is also adding up to the positive outcome for the patients and their family members but still a decision to be made on medication which could be best suited still depend on the number of factors like patient blood sugar level and health history etc.


Use of insulin and other injectable drugs

Diabetes and insulin always go hand in hand basically insulin is a hormone that utilizes the glucose from food to provide energy to a person In type 2 diabetes the pancreas either stops to make enough insulin or there is Resistance to the effects of insulin or both the treatment typically begins with oral metformin, a veteran drug that is considered to be the backbone of many diabetes treatment regimens from their different truck classes may be added
to metformin and for some patient the use of insulin may become necessary.

In the past insulin therapy was used as a last resort but these days it's often prescribed at an earlier stage because of its benefit it is a must for the survival of Apple pancreas has stopped making insulin. Approximately 40 to 60% of type 2 diabetes patient use insulin to survive So advancement it in insulin treatment benefit many diabetics especially the one with type 2. In newly diagnosed patients with type 2, diabetes use of short term insulin can prove beneficial but it has to be accompanied by a strict diet and regular exercise program.

In terms of the new edition, the last decade has witnessed new types of insulin flooding into the market these are variations of injectable insulin.

There is an insulin pen injector which is a device that looks similar to an ink pen except that the cartridge has to be filled with insulin totally different form of insulin which is in held in the recent advancement it is Rapid acting and insulin which is inhaled and a patient can inhale for instant relief.

In terms of Other injectable Drugs meant for diabetes until recently, all we had was insulin but of late they are various new additions that mimic natural hormones other than insulin these hormones have different roles and additional benefits.

The drug in this category 8 in the regulation of blood sugar appetite losing weight which can be beneficial for type 2 diabetes patient.



If you are diagnosed with diabetes than apart from what medicines you have been prescribed keeping a constant check on your blood sugar level now and then is of utmost importance two decades back people with diabetes monitor their diseases with their urine stride then with the adventure of blood sugar monitor things became easier than people could then monitor their blood sugar levels many times a day however the newest addition to this area has been the continuous glucose monitoring CGM device which has tiny sensors that sit under your skin and it continually it's a check on your sugar levels its convenient as you can even set alarm for low and high level it is a wonderful invention as this can save lives of people who can sense when their blood sugar levels drop down.

Bariatric surgery.

If you have type 2 diabetes and your body mass index is greater than 30 then you may be at Higher devil cardiac of kidney infection hens for your well-being it is advisable for you to consider weight loss surgery not only your sugar levels will return to normal but it will help you to leave lead a healthy life but before going ahead consult with your diabetologist as they are certain risk involved with this surgery.


Non Pharmacologic therapy in diabetes


Apart from taking Anti Diabetic medicines Lifestyle modifications are necessary for the management of diabetes this includes healthy eating not sleeping means regular exercise stress Management and avoidance of tobacco and alcohol. The aim of dietary management is to achieve and maintain ideal body weight and desirable lipid profile.

Also, regular exercise has one improvement in blood glucose levels reduction in cardiovascular risk factors and it also helps in weight loss and above all improve total well-being.


Diabetes and pregnancy.

Women with type 2 diabetes need to be extra careful while they are pregnant as they may need to alter the treatment during pregnancy. Women require insulin therapy during pregnancy some cholesterol-lowering medication and blood pressure drug can't be used during pregnancy.

If a woman has symptoms of diabetic retinopathy it may worsen during pregnancy, therefore, it is advisable to visit an ophthalmologist during the first Prime Minister and also one after the delivery.



The Key to Well Being


Hello everyone, as you know that in our modern lifestyle we have tech and gizmos that support our frequent tuning and multi-tasking of every different task way to easy, but with the modern lifestyle we have got in the bait of cheap habits one of such common habit is not exercising or eating without precautions.

Well, being is pivotal for every single person on the planet, It is necessary to live a healthy life in order to enjoy every day of it also living in others life and working out as a hopeful being for them could also make you a good citizen. Well-being in itself cannot be solely confused with materialistic freedom but well-being means financial freedom as well as a body and mind which is free from tension and disorders.

How many times in a day do you actually focus on others achievement the happiness their life rather than reflecting planning steps towards your own well-being it is necessary to think about being a good citizen so that when you pass away 30 years 50 years from now you are a 7 year and a topic to be discussed upon even when you are not a life and even at the time when people are talking behind you.

And in case we happen to be thinking about our own welfare we end up expecting too much from ourselves 90% it is because of this desperation our mind is always searching for a quick fix all problems' event in this leads to nothing but disappointments and failures. It is always a struggle to listen to our inner voice, this kind of impulsive action is becoming very common nowadays resulting in nothing but anxiety frustration hopelessness And stress.

We are forgetting that our body responds to what our mind it and our body struggles to keep up with that if you have not reached the state of mind and body overnight how can we expect to turn it around in a jiffy?

The Latest small consistent steps that are the building blocks towards your desired uncompromised outcome of developing why should you forget that Rome was not built in a day.

Principles to follow on weight loss but also to work is must call them the 6 necessity is towards vestige;


Saying it's fine


Tell yourself being kind and accepting your own strengths and weaknesses is extremely important each and every single person on this planet is unique in its don't waste and no one needs to copy another to get a sense of satisfaction many a time even if you try to resemble like them the result would be nothing but guilt a lot of time. Having a feeling of compassion and sympathy that too combined with generous is a must in the attitude of every person. That's why I say that kindness need to start with ‘self’.

We are constantly judging ourselves and end up giving a hard time to ourselves we need to stop beating ourselves up for our experiences and. This stop search from acknowledging and forgiving yourself it is extremely important to be self-compassionate before you embark into any new journey or take up any resolution. Studies show that when you take up any challenge yourself rather than for others success rate is very high, hence move towards the next level of success.

By focusing on yourself and by making your own experience as a stepping stone. Connect with yourself first by saying ‘it's fine’ of course what I mean to say yes only about being kind to yourself and not being selfish by any crunches that you hold in your mind or your soul.


Watch out before you socially interact

Age of internet the information is now at your fingertips even engaging with someone is it easy this error has a lot to open this world of connectivity communication which too in itself is combined with loads of information.


We impact our lives in a number of ways earlier we use to depend on our books, libraries experts teachers and coaches who had informed and validated the information. we also have to follow a proper channel to get the right knowledge and the treatment needed but is it so in this day of the internet?


there are plenty of articles available through social media however the validity of some of this information is a matter of concern it can be confusing and misleading. someone who has lost of you found or closed Epic to advise thousands of people without having enough knowledge, experience or qualification. the information may look complete in isolation. but then there are so many factors which get missed. the desperation on losing those extra found among the masses is so high, that only a few understand and check the validity of that information.


the repercussion two words not understanding the same are very costly in the long run. in fact every new year health-related resolution are at the top of the chart. Being inspired is one thing but following media suggestion is blindly another. yes, celebrities who inspire us but who understand the tremendous effort they put into B where they are! and it is very important to look hard and think wisely before you interact and get indulged into the sayings of social media and on the pages which are trending.

Learn to connect with  yourself

Rhythm in your hormones and managing your thoughts are a critical component towards staying healthy. Most of the x we hear people complaining that did not get enough time to relax or pursue a hobby, my time is so very important. whether it is Oprah Winfrey or Barack Obama the one thing they have in common time management. And this is not about Time management for their tasks; this is about giving that me time So when we say I do not get the time you are convincing yourself that you cannot achieve the discipline before even trying. you are choosing what to believe, and all your body is doing is to focus on your thought what you are telling yourself.

“What we Dwell on is who we become” think about it when was the last time you spent enjoying what you always wished to do as a hobby and be yourself? Take out a good time out from Facebook Twitter Instagram WhatsApp this would help you to reduce anxiety, it will give you the time to not only reduce your anxiety But also to connect with yourself you can use this time to connect through different mediums, It may be an adventurous side Creative side or just meditating investing time to connect with itself is an exercise which needs regular practice. The more we are connected to our in a self walking away from distraction becomes easy,

Explore the art of giving

Mankind has progressed and moved ahead at an unprecedented pace at this time humanity has taken back a step. We are so engrossed in our lives that we don't even realize how disconnected we are, from our surroundings. We don't realize that we have called upon this isolation on yourself. One out of every time we need is going through this isolation. This has resulted in nothing but loneliness, anxiety, depression, stress resulting in mental illness like dementia issues etc. according to study in August 2018 there were any trees of 25% in the sales of the book which were focusing on the topics of anxiety and stress management.

I suggest that any act of kindness, thinking beyond self and serving the community, gives us a feeling of belonging and purpose. This kind of AC not only makes a difference to the society but give us a happy effect by releasing the dopamine hormone. Thus lowering blood pressure there are many research-based articles to prove the benefit of volunteering and kindness it can be as simple as accompanying your elderly neighbour for a walk, for helping someone to get the groceries! Oscar Wilde rightly said, “ the smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention”.

Have the right diet.


Happy many debates and articles about choosing one nutrient over the other every nutrient in our food plays an important and unique role in building our health varying the ratios of nutrients is OK but it is unfair to pick and choose one nutrient over the other at that is not how our body is designed Event athletes and sports professionals for home high-performance physical activities are required, the ratio of nutrient in their diet varies, and they don't choose one over the other.

Choosing quality food with a sensible quantity is the key to success. The sensible portion size of quality carbohydrate, proteins, fat [that to unsaturated] and enjoying other micronutrients like vitamins and minerals maintenance a healthy and stable level of glucose. For example, just take 15 minutes to cook roti web checking of fish and have it with salad rather than going to a supermarket and picking up PRE-cooked meal.

If you plan your day well then this can be done in advance. Healthy snacks can help maintain our study energy level as well And hence, you really need to understand whether those multiple types of fad and quick-fix diet will make any sense and work for you in the long run. In the end, we all know that fad diet have their own repercussions. We cannot sustain on one type of nutrient all our life.


indulgence in exercise and fitness workout.

Again this is another area where there is immense confusion as to which type of exercises is suitable. The influence is either having a ripped body or going to size zero or looking skinnier, thanks to the mass media which actively promote their product in large print, why are the disclaimers are in very fine print just like different nutrients in nutrition exercise has different components as well.

The effects of physical activity have been backed up by science-based research. accordingly, they are four basic components of fitness, that is muscular endurance, muscular strength cardiovascular fitness and flexibility based on those four components, there are many types of workout each of which have been branched out with the intention of heavily emphasizing on one of the components light circuit training, HIIT, cross fit, dance classes, step class, cycling, running, swimming, Aqua aerobics, yoga, pilates, body balance functional training etc. Some focus majorly on aerobic activity to build your cardiovascular fitness and some focus on strength training to build your muscles, while some on endurance and lastly, there's some focus on flexibility.


Can we pick and choose and work on only one of them?



Exercise is a combination of aerobic activities and anaerobic activities. The muscles which work hard during an aerobic activity also need to have enough strength to sustain, which comes from strength training and endurance. At the same time they need to be flexible enough and in good shape to avoid injuries. Certainly, we all find one specific form of exercise exciting or easy but the discipline of following other components of exercise and challenging it, is equally important and inevitable. It is unfortunate to see people not given enough importance to go stretching for core strengthening before they work out because it definitely leads to injury.

finally, being healthy is a beautiful amalgamation of all the above ways and it's not just about looks. If you change the gold from weight loss of weight gain to stay healthy and fit. Success is imminent the only way to achieve well-rounded success is through consistency. As much as saying yes too good things is important it is extremely crucial to say a big now to wrong habits. Not for just today, a week, OK a month 8 for a year but it is a lifelong commitment to self. They may be many reasons why we are not able to keep that commitment, but there is also one thing which is the prime factor that connects those reasons to do the right things- ‘I, ME & MYSELF’


 hope you would have liked our blog. see you soon in the next one.

Stay Healthy and be Impulsive.

Stay healthy and become an inspiration. 

who actually in this world don't want to stay healthy? everyone !! right.

but here arrives the biggest challenge that is 'workout' or doing 'no physically tiring activities like yoga' and not involving your precious time in any such is causing you to have that fat belly hanging around your waist.resulteds are clear obesity moreover with few spans of months obesity becomes obesity at risk.


There plenty of reasons why the young generation is Catching up with the epidemic causes of severe health problems. Health is a fundamental driver of our overall quality of life. Healthcare sector globally has been a massive transformation in the last 40 to 50 years and India is neither different. If we look at death and disease before 1970, they were primary infection driven like malaria, tuberculosis, polio and Other similar nature. however, post the 1970s, there has been a  sharp rise in Lifestyle disease like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, thyroid, cancer and many more and post-1990s, Lifestyle diseases have been on a rapid rise year after year.

But the alarming fact is that the immeasurable majority of the younger generation is also being impacted by the tide of lifestyle diseases.


  1. According to the research presented at the 70th annual conference of the cardiological society of India one in five Indians below the age of 18 suffer from ‘hypertension’.

  2. India has the second highest number of obese children in the world.

  3. One in every four young Indian has diabetes or prediabetes which puts them at a greater risk of complication as they age; hormonal issues like PCOS, thyroid and many more rises, found on a study there is rise among the younger population.

  4. 40% of people in our country who develop Heart Attack are under the age of 55.


The leaves go on and on. however what is important to understand is, why is the rate of lifestyle diseases increasing so rapidly and what is the solution for reversing or preventing these Lifestyle diseases?

One of the primary drivers for Lifestyle disease is our food. It is the food that has got us into this epidemic of obesity, diabetes, Heart diseases, high blood pressure, Cancer and many other Deadly diseases, and it is our food that will only help us to come out of the crisis. There are five main primary reasons, why your young generation is Incurring up with lifestyle diseases.


  • Higher consumption of that is dead in terms of nutrients: real food has life in it, the latest science has shown that cells on our food can actually communicate with the cells of a human body and the human body is designed to have a real food than food that comes in packet and in other processed forms. if we look around us and observe what our younger generation is consuming on a day to day basis, most of the food that they eat is processed, packed and aerated. Once in a while, such consumption is fine, but we cannot have this on a day to day basis. These things like chips bread have no life in it, and thereby they will do worse to us than any betterment from the 1960s and 1970s since the food industry has started growing and so did the rise in Lifestyle diseases. hence, the first step that our younger generation should take is a high intake of food that has life in it, that is fruits and vegetables which provide roughage to you.


  • Lesser intake of fibre: one of the key ingredients in reversing most Lifestyle diseases and maintaining good health is fibre any food on this planet can be divided into three groups the first animal food, processed food and plant food. Now among these three food crops fibre is found only in plant foods. Animal foods and process foods have 0 fibre. We need 25 to 30 grams of fibre per day, but most of the young population consumes 10 to 15 grams only. This is primarily because they eat less plant food and therefore less fibre, resulting and more Lifestyle diseases and low immunity.


  • Inactive lifestyle: walking is the easiest, cheapest and Most effective form of being active in a compulsion of life that demands top performance where you have to outperform, outlast, out strategize and outwork. This is really not found as a habit in a younger generation, their lifestyle is more sedentary than active, they are more on the gadget than the field apart from 30 minutes to an hour walk every day. it is equally important to be moving or active throughout the day. So a habit of walking while attending call is a good way to remain active throughout.


  • Running after the calorie myth: the entire concept of calorie in and calorie out is now a much-updated concept because emerging science now clearly states that our Biology is not a math equation. Rather, with the emerging science of Nutrigenomics, we now know that all calories are not equal. That is 100 calories of soda is very different from a hundred calories of broccoli then the focus should be on quantity and quality of nutrients rather than just the number of calories. however, unfortunately, our younger generation is still focusing on eating fewer calories rather than realizing that it is not about eating less it is all about eating right.


  • Imbalance in the four dimensions of health: when we prefer to health in a Holistic sense we should look at all four dimensions. Physical health, social health, emotional health, and professional health that is how happy are we at our workplace? in fact, we spend most of the time at work, so this is very important. So all these put together, add up and devise how our overall health will be?- in order to achieve superior health we need to maintain a balance between all these dimensions.

Today, the best weapon that we have is to completely reverse and prevent Lifestyle diseases, and this in itself is not lifestyle which is meant to be put in exercise, are the new one-day drugs. In the same way that penicillin Revolution lists the first stage of medicine at looks, as the plant food and being active will be the new age of medicine. It is all about choosing health, promoting healthy food and avoiding disease prone food remember if food is wrong medicine then is of no use and if food is right medicine is of no need. It is high time, how the younger generation understand the importance of food because that is the only way, we can ensure that our future generation is free from the epidemic of lifestyle diseases.



Dieting and Exercising

Dieting or exercising

You know staying healthy is not that much perplex as one might think because with a properly balanced diet and routine workout can lead you to have a fit body but alas to whatever we say nothing is going to be effective unless you yourself take the decision up and move your butt to do some work.

so here at this blog, I've made your decision-making capacity much  easy  as it is said that 'once you have thought then you are half way there' in the similar way I assume you that  giving you the cheat sheet for the day would help you sustain to the decisions that you  make for your life especially for becoming a healthy and wealthy being.

so let's see what I have to offer on today's blog.


Each and everyone needs Exercise and fitness having said that, one needs to be clear that you cannot exercise intensively and consume  whatever portion of imbalanced diet that you regularly intake stealing that from a well-balanced nutrition plan, with the right quality and quantity of macronutrients and micronutrients  in mind you should also not forget that good hydration is imperative with a positive self-image to compliment the nature of work out for the adequate result.


Dieting when combined with exercising could be extremely tiring at times and there is no doubt that controlling your eating habit beside working out in a gym or doing yoga, would be needing a lot of self-determination from the individual side. Alas! there is no way out in place of doing such things because to look fit and to stay healthy and also to look good. It is inevitable to eat off your own Desire and be sluggish and sleeping falling down on a chair like a ‘Chipmunk’ doing all other work while keeping physical workout aside.


what are we talking about is not on becoming obsessed with yourself and start working out for long hours in a gym but we are only suggesting you take care of yourself which imperative in today's time of work and output-oriented people.


Exercise helps to increase the BMR, in tests it has been revealed that it helps in releasing happy hormones and helping stimulate appetite in the right way to lose the fat percentage and have an ideal body composition.


missing any one of these components cannot lead you to have the desired the weight loss plateau, hindrance  to muscle gain or compromised performance, it is advisable for an individual to have 2000 calories if he or she  wants to drop of at least 400 grams of weight in a day exercising over it would even let you reduce a few more grams  that could help you to reduce that chunk around your waist.


I am not suggesting that you will become slim overnight but yes with continuous effort and persistence those chunks and love handles could be reduced to a significant manner that would let you have an attractive personality.


The question which always remains in one's mind is, that what should be the percentage ratio of diet against exercise?


According to Nutritionist an individual you should maintain a combo of 70% diet and 30% exercise is a traditional approach,now that being a traditional approach what today's suggestion from our side to you is the access to the new approach that would be 60% diet and 20% extra size and 20% commitment to fitness and healthy eating habit exercise. Stress management and a positive self-image help you in making up the circle of fitness. Do remember the following points in case if you’re missing out on any of these would help you have growth;


  • eating must be done correctly to complements and the 2000 calories rule discussed above should not be forgotten by anyone especially who wants to lose some weight,


  • it is essential to avoid overtraining else exercise would turn into a negative stress load on the body.

  • exercising on an empty stomach is an absolute no it is like expecting your car to run without fuel.

  • also junking yourself with excessive fats when exercising will lead to negative effects like during your a car performance that is being driven with the lowest grade of oil that  turns out to prove poor performance on road,similar would be with you when you’re out there in a gym or doing any physical exercise restraining you to perform your hundred per cent. So always try why not to eat junk food in the cost of exercise. also as it has a list of the presence of fibre and the body needs a prevalent fibre requirement which in turn would lead to higher body weight, less energy, more lethargicness and more weight.


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harmful pollutants

staying healthy and active more or less has become a challenge in these days of metro driven lives.waking up at sharp needles of clock carrying out the tasks with accuracy and compromising healthy food habits has become the part of our daily routine. So, is there still something that can cause bad or worse to us?

YES, it is !!


over the years pollution has drastically increased causing the immense respiratory problem to the inhabitants of all the capital city.

In the wake of urbanization and modernization, we are making our life comfortable but at the same time, our health is being affected the most. various studies have revealed that the situation of the air we inhale is as bad as smoking about 40 cigarettes in a day.


in fact, it is predicted that pollution is on its way to being a third most common cause of death and a fifth most common cause of disability globally by 2020, and if we go by World Health Organisation estimates approximately 80 million people are battling moderate-to-severe COPD these days.


it is exposed to such microparticles emitted from vehicle II emission,wide-scale industrialization construction activities and exhaust coming from cars which is a mixture of combustion gases. and Ultrafine particles coated with an organic compound that results in obstructive Airway disease, like  COPD and the moment these particles enter our respiratory tract they activate an inflammatory cascade that results in severe damage to our lungs.


Earlier the problem was prevalent among elderly smokers what are confined to rural areas where the use of gobar gas and Biomass made air intolerable, as people were cooking and heating in poorly ventilated spaces but now due to various kinds of pollutants soot and carbon particles in the air increasing which are added by changing weather smog etc. These are all affecting the people in the City.


Intro to COPD.


COPD Primarily .destroys lungs but along with causing breathing problems and Lung infection it can even lead to various heart problems and can cause a Stroke, in fact, it has become a multi-organ disease where all organs including our bones get affected.


Now that we know the cause of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease which is characterized by narrowing of the Airways it is important to understand how the disease affects our health in larger Airways the inflammatory response is referred to as chronic bronchitis at times it may even lead to destruction of tissues lining our lungs passage and causing ‘emphysema’ a long-term and progressive disease of lungs.


Today the air that we breathe is Laden with a layer of poisonous pollutants and gases to an extent that is causing rest to our lungs and is causing serious damage to the respiratory tract. and the result is a rise in the cases of asthma and progression in respiratory ailments like a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.


All the smoking accounts for most patients with COPD  exposure to air pollutants play an important role in a patient suffering from COPD diffusion of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the blood as it does not takes place; which is why adequate oxygen does not reach the bloodstream through the lungs and thus more amount of carbon dioxide is retain in that it causes difficulty in breathing.

About 50% of COPD cases go under diagnosis during a physical examination and the sentence do not appear. at least significant lung damage has already occurred, which only was sent over time but a chest X-ray and pulmonary function test can diagnose and reveal the progression of the disease.


for chronic bronchitis, the main symptom is persistent cough along with mucus production for 3 months however other symptoms may include shortness of breath that may reason tightness in the chest, respiratory infections and its swelling in ankles legs etc.



much of the treatment for fast COPD  include things that one can do to manage the disease on their own however the medicines prescribed to treat COPD cant be for a long term as this help to prevent relieve symptoms. if you are a patient of COPD  make sure to do the following things


  • Do not skip or discontinue medicines without consulting your doctor,

  • many times there is lack of awareness among individuals about non invasive ventilation treatment for  COPD despite the fact that it reduces respiratory distress and dress of death considerable a patient in moderate or advanced stage of COPD can be treated with a non invasive ventilated machine which helps in bringing down the carbon dioxide level in the blood thereby enabling the patients to breathe normally.

Measures to combat chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.


People with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are the ones who are respectable to have respiratory diseases so it is always recommended for them to stay indoors it is important as this will improve their surrounding at home and take necessary precautions which are listed below;


  • smoke from the Windows and air pollution; even smoking, it is important to avoid places where someone does smoke because passive smoking can be equally harmful to the health of your lungs as a cautionary measure, of course, you should avoid stepping out without wearing a mask.

  • Invest in the right mask when you are buying in oxygen mask see that you only buy n 95 model which can filter about 95% pollutants, wasting money on those which won't solve the purpose would be reckless, and yet it would be of no use.


  •  Try to keep an indoor place of your house smoke-free,  as a role do not burn mosquito coil as the smoke which is emitted from them can worsen breathing problems.

  • keep hydrated it is advisable to consume a minimum of two litres or more water in a day.

  • exercising is necessary and a little bit of exercise every day can improve your respiratory muscles, it is also suggested that you should avoid Strenuous exercises and discuss with your doctor to know which activities are safe for you.

  • eating a healthy and balanced diet that can help to Boost your immunity and strength make sure you do not step out without having means and also it is essential to regularly have fruits which are rich in antioxidants.


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Cortisol-A Stress Releasing Hormone.




What actually is cortisol?

Cortisol is a steroid hormone, also commonly called as the stress hormone. it is produced by the adrenal glands, it is a flight or fight hormone which is in hands during the stress to give the body a natural boost.

Regulating stress hormone cortisol


Almost every cell contains receptors for cortisol from monitoring B five levels, regulating metabolism to acting as an anti-inflammatory memory formation to monitoring water stability to blood pressure and growth of an infant cortisol controls or impacts a host of numerous bodily functions.


The behaviour of cortisol hormones


Cortisol levels normally picks up in the morning and that is by a flat test for serum cortisol is done at 8:00 a.m. the level then tips during the day causing a diagonal Rhythm at for those who work at night cortisol level stables and naturally Rises to keep the person alert leading to an unbalanced system any extra stress can raise the cortisol levels in human beings.


Functioning of cortisol


The secretion of cortisol is controlled by three parts of the body the pituitary, the hypothalamus in the brain and the adrenal gland situated of a kidney, there is a hotline of message transfer in this hypothalamus pituitary adrenal access. The backbone of stress Highway responses those signs that can stimulate cortisol production when needed and send negative feedback that then stops production of cortisol. While the job of cortisol assistant is to regulate the amount of cortisol in one's blood


The side effects of too less or extravagance in cortisol can lead to Cushing's syndrome and these symptoms which are prevalent in the human being of such a chronic are;

  • Rapid weight gain or moon face big belly with stretch marks on it and cylindrical arms and legs,

  • high blood pressure, muscle weakness,

  • mood swings anxiety and depression, increased thirst and frequent urination, irregular periods and loss of sexual Desire,

  • lowered immunity,

  • insulin resistance,

  • type II diabetes Mellitus


Too little cortisol can cause a condition called Addison's disease it could be due to damage to adrenal glands by an extent to 18 immune disease or surgical removal of both Clans symptoms that are fatigue dizziness, weight loss, muscle weakness or darkening of the skin.


all in all, it specifically regulates metabolism, it Acts on the liver to increase B5 production; which also helps to convert fat protein and carbohydrate into a usable form of energy.


It is a point worthy of noting that adrenal fatigue is just a term which is being used in recent years by the media and some other Healthcare professionals which aims to describe the host of vague symptoms such as fatigue tiredness, body aches, nervousness, sleep and digestive issues. The general idea that is constant will be stress the main cause adrenal gland to burn out however no scientific evidence for this is still existing up till today's date.


Daily situations at home or work such as huge workload peer pressure and meeting job insecurity etc. fall under the so-called stress situations which makes the body feel as if it were under attack and hence react inappropriately chronic long term stress can lead to an increase in cortisol problems.

Temporary cortisol increase help the body counter stressful situations by a positive effect such as;

  •  a burst of energy for survival reasons, Higher memory functions, a best of increased immunity, lower sensitivity to pain.


Strategies for maintaining stress


  • Eating a healthy diet with regular exercise and adequate sleep, practising relaxation techniques example yoga deep breathing massages meditation Self-hypnosis, taking time out for hobbies listening to music, having a sense of humour and ability to laugh at oneself, working for a community which brings Joy, seeking professional help when all else fails.

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