Are Blocked Fallopian Tubes 'Hindrance' to Pregnancy?

Blocked Fallopian Tubes: Hurdle in Pregnancy.

Blocked fallopian tubes do not display any obvious signs and symptoms and many of times women only know about it when they try to conceive

For the entire process of fertilization to take place it is necessary that during the process of ovulation and egg is released from the ovaries to reach the uterus through thin tube these thing tubes are present on either side of the uterus which are known as fallopian tubes the fallopian tubes play an important role in conception as this is where most of the eggs are fertilized the basic function of this tube is to transfer the mature egg from the ovaries to the uterus where the actual fertilization takes place.


However, the inability to transfer the eggs is caused only because of blockages of these tubes, which is also known as tubal factor infertility this tubal factor infinity incapacitates the process of conceiving as fertilization does not take place in the uterus.


Blockage of tubes

The tubes can be either partially blocked or fully blocked in cases where the tubes are not fully blocked or damage the mature X travel through the tubes but face an issue with the implantation this lead to a pregnancy in which the fertilized egg is implanted outside the uterus and in the fallopian tube.

Intervention in Fertility.

Problems with fallopian tubes are proven to be a substantial cause of infertility in most of the cases the fallopian tubes are really delicate and regional and there is absolutely no way that the eggs good travel through it for the fertilization to take place while they are blocked in case when the fallopian tubes are scarred for swollen there is high percentage that they will not be able to carry out the process of fertilization.


Causes of This Problem.

There can be a number of reasons as to why the fallopian tubes can be blocked

  • The sexually transmitted disease can really hamper the fertility levels of a woman as an infection in the upper genital tract can cause damage to the fallopian tubes and uterus comma Endo material is is a condition that causes the covering of the worm to grow outside of the uterus.

  • history of uterus infection triggered due to an abortion or miscarriage.

  • history of the ruptured appendix or bursting of appendix along with the intraabdominal infection.

  • any prior surgery in the fallopian tubes,

  • any kind of swelling or presence of fluid at the end of the fallopian tube.

  • infection in the fallopian tubes such as pelvic inflammatory disease which includes scaring tissues infections and swollen tube.

Symptoms blockage in the fallopian tube

The blockage in fallopian tubes does not have any symptoms however the first symptom that might be encountered by a woman of blocked fallopian tubes is infertility a failure to conceive after persistent and continuous unprotected sex by couple clearly denotes that they might be problems in the fertility levels of the intending parents this inability to reproduce generally alarms the intending couple to meet a doctor Who assist them to undergo several test which ultimately diagnosis the problem women with blocked tubes might experience painful periods abdominal pain or excruciating pain during sexual intercourse but that does not necessarily direct towards blocked fallopian tubes they are almost no signs that indicate blockage in fallopian tubes..


Diagnosis of the problem


It is generally very difficult to recognise that  women have blockages or damaged fallopian tubes to clarify and detect the presence of this problem there are several tests that will Diagnose problems;

  • Ultrasound really helps in diagnosing this problem as the image of internal body structure are clearly visible in ultrasound the problems with the fallopian tube is noticeable and really helps in the detection of the problem. in this  test, the sound waves create a very clear picture of the fallopian tubes

  • HSG  [HYSTEROSALPINGOGRAM]  is an x-ray test where the doctor injects a dye into the womb which is expected to flow into the fallopian tubes. The stain of the dye is evident and noticeable, In the X-ray which indicates that there is no blockage However if the fluid  does not flow into the fallopian tube it is evident that there is a blockage in the tube

  • Another way to detect the problem is through laparoscopy in this process a small camera is inserted through a cut with which the actual image of the fallopian tubes are taken

Getting pregnant with blocked fallopian tubes



The method of assisted reproductive Technology for infertility treatment IVF involves putting the eggs and sperms together outside the human body. by natural selection, the egg will usually allow only one sperm to enter and this leads to fertilization by natural selection the egg is usually allowed to contact with one sperm and this leads to fertilization process in the laboratory.

The whole process takes place under expert supervision.ivf is the best way to deal with the problems like a blockage in fallopian tubes as this process completely negates the persisting blockages in the tubes.


Laparoscopic surgery

Can help in opening up blocked tubes or ti eliminate scar tissues that are causing problems however this treatment does not guarantee success as it is affected by various factors.


Alternative medicines.

For fallopian tube blockage, Alternative Medicine has been used as a form of fertility treatment the usage of an alternative method is only done by a minority of infertile couples. success in this medicine as not yet recorded as only the wealthy people opt for it.



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