Dieting and Exercising

Dieting or exercising

You know staying healthy is not that much perplex as one might think because with a properly balanced diet and routine workout can lead you to have a fit body but alas to whatever we say nothing is going to be effective unless you yourself take the decision up and move your butt to do some work.

so here at this blog, I've made your decision-making capacity much  easy  as it is said that 'once you have thought then you are half way there' in the similar way I assume you that  giving you the cheat sheet for the day would help you sustain to the decisions that you  make for your life especially for becoming a healthy and wealthy being.

so let's see what I have to offer on today's blog.


Each and everyone needs Exercise and fitness having said that, one needs to be clear that you cannot exercise intensively and consume  whatever portion of imbalanced diet that you regularly intake stealing that from a well-balanced nutrition plan, with the right quality and quantity of macronutrients and micronutrients  in mind you should also not forget that good hydration is imperative with a positive self-image to compliment the nature of work out for the adequate result.


Dieting when combined with exercising could be extremely tiring at times and there is no doubt that controlling your eating habit beside working out in a gym or doing yoga, would be needing a lot of self-determination from the individual side. Alas! there is no way out in place of doing such things because to look fit and to stay healthy and also to look good. It is inevitable to eat off your own Desire and be sluggish and sleeping falling down on a chair like a ‘Chipmunk’ doing all other work while keeping physical workout aside.


what are we talking about is not on becoming obsessed with yourself and start working out for long hours in a gym but we are only suggesting you take care of yourself which imperative in today's time of work and output-oriented people.


Exercise helps to increase the BMR, in tests it has been revealed that it helps in releasing happy hormones and helping stimulate appetite in the right way to lose the fat percentage and have an ideal body composition.


missing any one of these components cannot lead you to have the desired the weight loss plateau, hindrance  to muscle gain or compromised performance, it is advisable for an individual to have 2000 calories if he or she  wants to drop of at least 400 grams of weight in a day exercising over it would even let you reduce a few more grams  that could help you to reduce that chunk around your waist.


I am not suggesting that you will become slim overnight but yes with continuous effort and persistence those chunks and love handles could be reduced to a significant manner that would let you have an attractive personality.


The question which always remains in one's mind is, that what should be the percentage ratio of diet against exercise?


According to Nutritionist an individual you should maintain a combo of 70% diet and 30% exercise is a traditional approach,now that being a traditional approach what today's suggestion from our side to you is the access to the new approach that would be 60% diet and 20% extra size and 20% commitment to fitness and healthy eating habit exercise. Stress management and a positive self-image help you in making up the circle of fitness. Do remember the following points in case if you’re missing out on any of these would help you have growth;


  • eating must be done correctly to complements and the 2000 calories rule discussed above should not be forgotten by anyone especially who wants to lose some weight,


  • it is essential to avoid overtraining else exercise would turn into a negative stress load on the body.

  • exercising on an empty stomach is an absolute no it is like expecting your car to run without fuel.

  • also junking yourself with excessive fats when exercising will lead to negative effects like during your a car performance that is being driven with the lowest grade of oil that  turns out to prove poor performance on road,similar would be with you when you’re out there in a gym or doing any physical exercise restraining you to perform your hundred per cent. So always try why not to eat junk food in the cost of exercise. also as it has a list of the presence of fibre and the body needs a prevalent fibre requirement which in turn would lead to higher body weight, less energy, more lethargicness and more weight.


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